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googlemap creates Google Maps from GPX 1.1 files. If you want to publish the maps on the internet you have to get an API key from http://www.google.com/apis/maps/, otherwise you can just use "-a nokey".

gpsdings openlayers -b "GMap GSat GHyb GTerrain" offers similar functionality.

USAGE: gpsdings googlemap [options] [<gpxfile>...]
 -j,--javascript <file>          Write Google Maps Javascript to this file.
 -x,--xhtml <file>               Write HTML output to this file.
 -t,--title <title>              The title for the HTML document.
 -J,--Javascript-URL <URL>       The URL at which the HTML output can locate
                                 the Map Javascript. Defaults to the value of the
                                 -j option when that option is specified.
 -p,--photojs <URL>              Include this javascript generated with exifloc.
 -P,--Photo-URL <URL>            URL prefix for the pictures to be included
                                 with the -p,--photojs option (empty by default).
 -a,--api-key <key>              The Google Maps API key of the website where
                                 the HTML output will be published.
 -e, --encode-polylines          Use fromEncoded to create GPolylines for tracks.
                                 Encoding polylines should usually result in
                                 slightly better performance, but it can cause
                                 a loss of accuracy when you have many closely
                                 spaced trackpoints.
 -n, --no-trk                    Don't show tracks on map.
 -W, --no-wpt                    Don't show waypoints on map.
 -h,--help                       Print this help and exit.
 -l,--license                    Display the licenses for this program and
                                 included libraries.
 -q,--quiet                      Suppress status and error information.
GPX 1.1 can be created from a lot of other geo-coordinate formats with GPSBabel. Use the option "gpxver=1.1" in GPSBabelGUI or "-o gpx,gpxver=1.1" for command line gpsbabel. No datum conversion is performed, therefore all files should be in WGS84.
This program is licensed to you under the GNU General Public License version 3.