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gpxovl converts gps data between the Topografix GPX 1.1 and GeogridViewer ASCII Overlay formats. By default the output files will have the paths and names of the input files with gpx extensions replaced by ovl and vice versa. If you use - instead of the file argument gpsdings will process standard input to standard output. When processing standard input you must specify the conversion direction with -g or -o.
USAGE: gpsdings gpxovl [options] [<file(s)> or -]
 -g,--gpx2ovl      Force conversion from GPX to OVL.
 -o,--ovl2gpx      Force conversion from OVL to GPX.
 -h,--help         Print this help and exit
 -l,--license      Display the licenses for this program and included libraries.
 -t,--todir <dir>  Create output files in this directory.
GPX 1.1 can be created from a lot of other geo-coordinate formats with GPSBabel. Use the option "gpxver=1.1" in GPSBabelGUI or "-o gpx,gpxver=1.1" for command line gpsbabel.
No datum conversion is performed, therefore all files should be in WGS84. This program is licensed to you under the GNU General Public License version 3.