icon GPSdings shrink

shrink reduces the number of trackpoints in a single GPX 1.1 file preserving the shape of the three-dimensional trajectory as much as possible (see source and API documentation for details of the algorithm). You can control the relative weight of the third dimension (elevation) with the --superelevation option. shrink will read input from stdin if you call it with - instead of a file path as its last argument. The output always goes to stdout so that you can use shrink in a pipe. Use shell redirection (> output.gpx) to write to a file.
USAGE: gpsdings shrink [options] [<file> or -]
 -n,--numpoints <n>[/trk] The target number of track points; global or per
                          track if you add /trk.
 -s,--superelevation <f>  Weighting factor for elevation, should be
                          greater than ~10 if elevation information is
 -h,--help                Print this help and exit
 -l,--license             Display the licenses for this program and included
GPX 1.1 can be created from a lot of other geo-coordinate formats with GPSBabel. Use the option "gpxver=1.1" in GPSBabelGUI or "-o gpx,gpxver=1.1" for command line gpsbabel.
This program is licensed to you under the GNU General Public License version 3.